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2018: A Hotness and Awesomeness Odyssey

Good Morning! (Ok it's actually almost afternoon, but it's the day after a big night of celebration, so some of you are probably just emerging back to life.) So grab a big glass of water and happy 2018! For the next few weeks, you will likely be bombarded with lots of information about diet, exercise and resolutions. At Public Body, we like to be efficient and effective so we've put together some simple and effective ways for you to increase your hotness and awesomeness in 2018. Pick one, two or do them all and you will be hopping on the fast track to 100% deliciousness in the new year. This is just a start, but over the next few weeks we'll be giving you more tidbits of Public Body love to keep you on track with your goals. 

1) Drink water the minute you wake up! Leave a big glass on your night table and drink a healthy dose of H2O every morning. Not only will you start the day with hydration, but it is a great way to set the tone for healthy habits throughout the day. 

2) Move your hot body every single day! This doesn't mean that you have to hit the gym or take a class every day, but plan your week to also include things that you love, like playing basketball or taking a drop-in dance class. If you know you're going to miss your leg day commit to take the stairs at work all day long. Just move every day. 

3) Eat slowly! Eating slowly, taking time to chew and being sure to breathe during meals reduces post-meal bloating. You work way too hard on your abs to hide them behind a bloated belly. Additionally, eating slowly increases your awareness of the the foods that you eat throughout the day, allowing you to think and adjust to make healthier choices.

4) Breathe!  Think about it. Do you take time during every single day to take at least five big, deep breaths? No matter where you are, you should do this every single day! It only takes minute. Close your office door, or have a seat on a park bench during a lunch break. Breathing is like 'the force" (timely Star Wars reference) for health, especially in our fast-paced, stressful world. So if you can right now stop and take five big, deep breaths. I'm serious. Stop reading, close your eyes and breathe. Thank you! Feel better? You just did something great to calm your nervous system, promote relaxation and enhance your overall health and performance. Good, now do this every single day. 

I'm looking forward to spreading the PB love around the city with special events this winter to keep you all fab. Stay tuned at or on our Facebook page. Happy, Hot and Awesome 2018!

Chad and the Public Body family!

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Public Body "12 Moves of Fitness!" Workout

From the entire Public Body family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS! We've taken some of our favorite exercises to create a workout that you can do today in 30 minutes or less. Take this with you on your holiday travels! Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and a hot and awesome 2018!

Love, The Public Body Family

Complete the following exercises for the amount of reps listed. Then, if you're up for a bigger  challenge, repeat it in reverse order. :-)

 -12 Single leg burpees:  Begin in a standing position. Drop into a low squat position with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a pushup (high plank) position keeping one leg raised off the ground by a few inches. Lower your chest to and from the ground to complete a pushup. Jump your feet in to return to the squat position. Jump up from the squat position. That is one rep. On the second rep, raise the opposite leg off the ground.

-11 Glute bridges:  Lie flat on the floor on your back with the hands by your side and your knees bent. Your feet should be around shoulder width apart. Push with your heels to lift your hips off the floor while keeping your back straight. Hold at the top for 5 seconds. Slowly lower back to the starting position. A more challenging version is to perform this exercise with one leg raised forward, just be sure to alternate that leg with each set!

-10 Abdominal windshield-wipers: Lie on your back on the floor and raise your legs raised straight up to the ceiling (90 degrees). Spread your arms straight out to your sides for support. Rotate your legs to one side, stopping short of touching the floor and raising the opposite hip slightly off the floor. Then return to center and drop your legs down to the other side. That is one rep. As you improve, bring your arms closer in to your body so they offer less stability.

-9 Star Jumps: Begin with your feet together and arms close to your body. To start, squat halfway down then explode up as high as possible extending your arms and legs away from your body like and "X.”

-8 Cross body mountain climbers: Start in a high plank position with shoulders stacked over elbows and elbows over wrists. Keeping your body flat, drive your right knee toward your left elbow then your left knee to your right elbow. That is one rep. Repeat rapidly for all reps.

-7 Sumo squats: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly turned out. Sit the hips back shifting weight into your heels, then return to standing.

-6 Shoulder pushups with donkey kick:  Begin in a downward facing dog with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, hips high, heels pressing back and your gaze toward your heels.  Begin to lift your heels until you are on your tippy toes. Then bend your elbows out to the sides and lower into a push up (top of head toward the ground while the hips remain high.)  Return to a plank position then bend your knees and explosively push off the ground with your feet to kick your heels to your glutes for a donkey kick. Land softly with knees bent.

-5 Ab leg lifts:  Lie on your back with your legs straight and raised toward the ceiling (90 degrees). Slowly lower your legs. Bring them down as far as you can while keeping your back flat against the floor. Don't just let gravity work for you. Make sure you're in control. Then raise your legs back up to the ceiling.

-4 Tricep dips: Position your hands shoulder-width apart on a secure bench or stable chair. Slide your butt off the front of the bench with your legs extended out in front of you. Straighten your arms, then bend at the elbows lowering your body slowly for 3 seconds and then fire your triceps and straighten the arms again in 1 second. Be sure to keep your shoulders active, down and back.

-3 Alternating curtsey lunges: Stand with feet hip width apart. Cross your right leg back and on a diagonal behind body so that your right knee is in line with your left lower calf, bending both knees about 90 degrees. Repeat opposite side. That is one rep. Repeat for total reps

-2 Spiderman pushups: Start in a traditional pushup position. As you move toward the floor, bring your right knee to your right elbow, keeping it off the ground. Press up to starting position and repeat opposite side. That is one rep. Repeat alternating sides. 

-1 Tuck jump: Start in a quarter squat. Push your hips back and lean forward, but keep your back flat. Put all your force and jump up explosively. As you jump into the air as high as you can, try to bring your knees to your chest. This is an advanced plyometric exercise. Squats or squat jumps are also an option.

Rest for one minute then repeat the circuit in reverse, starting with 12 tuck jumps, 11 Spiderman pushups, 10 curtsey lunges, etc. 

Stay merry, hot and awesome.

Public Body


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Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories Now!

Hey rockstars! We hope that you survived the Thanksgiving holiday, but also indulged a bit. You work hard and you deserve it. But now it is time to focus your lens back to the hotness and awesomeness journey. Public Body is here to get you back on track after a bit of nutritional indiscretion. Here's another at-home workout that you can do right now!*  This series has three rounds. In the first round, you perform each exercise for 1 minute. In round two, you perform each exercise for 45 seconds, and in the third round, you perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Then repeat, only this time start with 30 seconds, then 45 seconds, and end with your 1 minute round. In between each round rest for 1 minute. Here are your body weight exercises:

1. Chest-to-floor pushup with back extension: Start with your body flat on the floor, arms extended in front of you and legs straight behind you. Extend your lower back so your chest and thighs are off the floor and hold for three seconds (like Superman). Then lower everything back to the floor, bring your hands alongside your shoulders and raise your body up to a high pushup (plank) position. Be sure to keep your abs and butt tight prior to starting the pushup so that your body rises in a strong, solid plank. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.

2. Squat with alternating oblique crunches: Start in a sumo squat position, feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly turned out. Your hands should be behind your head, elbows out and shoulders back. Lower your hips back into a squat position, shifting your weight into your heels and not allowing your knees to come beyond your toes. As you return to standing, raise your right knee out to the side, bend your torso to the right and touch your right elbow to your right knee. Return to your squat and repeat on the left side. Continue, alternating left and right.

3. Burpees with plank jacks: In a fluid motion, drop from a standing position into a squat, place your hands to the floor and kick your legs back into a high pushup (plank position). Once in that position, perform 10 plank jacks by simultaneously jumping your feet out and in ten times. Be sure to keep your abs tight, and your hips even with your body. After your 10th plank jack, jump your feet forward toward your hands and return to standing. 

4. Reverse lunge with knee to elbow (right side): Start standing with hands behind your head and feet about shoulder distance apart. Keeping the torso upright, step the right leg back and lower the right knee to the ground.  Press through the front heel to initiate standing, and as you come to standing, raise the right knee and bring your left elbow to your right knee. Continue with the right leg only.

4. Reverse lunge with knee to elbow (left side): Start standing with hands behind your head and feet about shoulder distance apart. Keeping the torso upright, step the left leg back and lower the left knee to the ground.  Press through the front heel to initiate standing, and as you come to standing, raise the left knee and bring your right elbow to your left knee. Continue with the left leg only.

5. Walking tricep plank: Start in an elbow plank position with shoulders stacked over your elbows and feet slightly wider than your hips. Then press your right hand into the floor then your left in order to raise your self into a high plank position. Lower your right elbow then your left elbow to return to low plank. Repeat, this time starting with the left side. remember to keep your abs tight and the your hips in line with your body.

6. Full range sit ups: Lie flat on your back with legs extended in front of you and arms flat behind your head. As you exhale, roll up and reach your arms toward your toes. Slowly return to the ground keeping your abs in tight to control the motion. 

Stay hot and awesome!

Public Body

*always consult a physician prior to beginning any fitness regimen.