The Public Body Guide to Holiday Sanity!


It seems like yesterday when we were sculpting our hot and awesome bodies outside with like-minded fitness fans and friends. Suddenly December is here!  We know the Holidays are upon us, and though a festively fabulous time of year, they can also be hectic and cause us to want to medicate heavily. Let’s not let that type of sh** show happen! So before you take a swift sleigh ride to crazy-town, take 5 minutes today to make note of things that can keep you a bit more healthy (and sane) this season. Given the busy time of year, we decided to keep it simple and attainable. Here is all you have to do. Write down the following:

1)      5 things that would make you happy this season: (These are not presents!) Just think of experiences or thoughts that would make you happy. This may be an event you'd like to attend or perhaps simply something to reflect on during a quick meditation.  

2)      5 things you do not want to do: Our calendars book up quickly and it is simply impossible to get to everything. So jot down those events that you can let go of, even for just this year. You will breathe a sigh of relief to free up some 'you time."

3)      5 people you absolutely want to see: Simple, right? This can be people you know you will see or perhaps a few that you'd like to get in touch with. 

4)      5 things you can do for others: You know what they say about Karma. This is the perfect time of year to do something for someone else, and as a bonus, it will make you feel good too!

5)      5 things you can do for yourself to stay healthy: This might even be writing down 5 different days that you will 100% commit to a workout or a class. It might be 5 days that you will eat healthy or (gasp) avoid booze. It may be simply going for a walk during your lunch break. 

You might be thinking that this is a lot to accomplish in 25 days. But the idea is to just get through a portion of this list. You have done an exercise in holiday mindfulness (look at me getting all Zen on you) and your holiday season will be much less cray-cray! 

A happier you, is a healthier you! Stay hot and awesome!

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