Day Six! Public Body's "12 Days of Fitness"

Today's "12 Days Of Fitness" workout includes 7 killer movements and a bonus round just for total hotness and awesomeness!

On the 7th day of Christmas, perform the following 7 movements consecutively for 45 seconds per exercise.  Then, at the 45 second mark, enter plyometric mode for 15 seconds. For example, when performing squats as in exercise one, add a jump for jump squats for the last 15 seconds.  You will need dumbbells and of course your own hot and awesome body!  

-DB squats to squat jump:  Begin with feet hip distance apartand dumbbells down at your side.  Bend your knees sending your hips back and lower into your deepest squat(hips below knees.) Push through your heels and drive back up to starting position.  Continue to the 45 second mark, and then begin to jump, either with DBs or with body weight.

-Shoulder push up to donkey kick:  Begin in a downward facing dog with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, hips high, heels pressing back and your gaze toward your heels.  Begin to lift your heels until you are on your tippy toes. Then bend your elbows out to the sides and lower into a push up (top of head toward the ground while the hips remain high.)  Continue to perform as many reps as possible for 45 seconds, then begin to bend your knees and explosively push off the ground with your feet and kick your heels to your glutes for a donkey kick. Land softly with knees bent and continue until the 60 second mark!

-Sit up and stand up: Lie on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor reach your arms alongside ears and begin to sit up until your fingertips touch your toes. Gently rock back and use that momentum to send yourself forward, rolling onto your feet to stand! At the 45 second mark instead of standing, jump up with arms overhead for 15 seconds.  Need more of a challenge?  Try coming up on one leg!

-Diagonal lunge to 1 leg squat: Start with feet together, dumbbells down by your side, shoulders back and standing tall. With your right leg, lunge back on a diagonal (think of starting at 12 and lunging to 2 o'clock.) Return to starting position then raise the right leg and squat as far down as you can on the left leg. Begin your next rep by starting with a diagonal lunge to the left (10 o'clock.) Return to start and pick up left foot squatting only on your right leg.  Continue to the 45 second mark then from a lunge position jump and switch for the last 15 seconds.

-Plie’ squat to ballet jumps: Begin with feet wider than your hips, toes pointing away and heels in. Squat and lower down by sending the knees toward your pinky toes and keeping your torso upright.  Stand up from squat and then lower back down for 45 seconds. For the last 15 seconds, add ballet jumps, by competing the squat but instead of returning to standing, jump up quickly bringing the heels together in the air, then landing softly back to starting position like a hot and awesome ballerina.  
-Roll with it: Begin on your belly arms arms stretched out in front of you legs stretched long. Lift your chest and your thighs off the ground  and hold for a count of three. Then lower everything down to the floor and roll to your right shoulder and hip so you are in a side lying position. Reach your top (left) arm to your left ankle to fire! your obliques. Lower back down to return to starting position continue to alternate sides. At the 45 second mark quickly pop up to a plank position and move into mountain climbers!

-70 second mash up: 
Now we will perform the plyometric portion of the above exercises for 10 seconds each with an addition bonus from 60-70.
Perform the following exercises for 10 seconds at a time aiming for as little transition time as possible.
1.squat jumps
2.donkey kicks
3.sit up stand up and jump
4.jump and switch
5.ballet jumps
6.mountain climbers
7.bunny hops from a plank position bend knees and jump feet from right to left keeping knees and ankles together and maintaining a strong plank!!!

Stay hot and awesome!

Maryanne and Public Body