On the 4th day of Christmas...Public Body's "12 Days of Fitness!"


Today's "12 Days of Fitness" workout is all about high reps. There are no "official" rest periods built in, but you can take them when your body needs it. Your goal is to get through the reps in an efficient amount of time and feel the burn. All you need is your body and a timer (so you can time yourself and see how hot and awesome you are at the end!) Ready, set, GO!

On the 4th day of Christmas...

-100 jumping jacks to start

-50 plank jacks: Start in a high plank position with abs tight and shoulders, elbows and wrists stacked over each other. Keeping your abs and glutes tight and hips in line with your body, jump your feet out into a ide V and then jumps them back in together. That is one rep. 

-80 mountain climbers: Start in a high plank position with shoulders stacked over elbows and elbows over wrists. Keeping your body flat, drive your right knee in toward your chest then your left knee in to your chest. Repeat rapidly for 80 total reps.

-40 sit ups: To start, lie on your back with your legs straight out in front of you. Roll up and reach your hands all the way to your toes. Inhale as you reach, then exhale and roll back to the ground with control. 

-60 squats: Stand tall with your feet hip width apart and your arms down by your side. Lower your body back as far as you can by pushing your hips back, bending your knees and pushing your body weight into your heels. Keep a neutral spine at all times and never let your knees go over your toes. The lower body should be parallel with the floor and your chest should be lifted at all times not rounded. Pause then lift back up in a controlled movement to the starting position.

-30 jumping lunges: Start in a split stance position with your knees about bent at a 90-degree angle. Lower your rear knee toward the ground in a lunge while keeping your front shin vertical. Push explosively off the ground, jumping and switching the position of your legs while in mid-air, landing into the lunge position with the opposite leg forward. Repeat, switching legs on each jump.

-40 pushups:  Start in a high plank position with abs tight and shoulders, elbows and wrists stacked over each other. Lower yourself toward the ground, then raise to starting position.

-20 leg lifts: Lie on your back with your legs straight and raised toward the ceiling (90 degrees). Slowly lower your legs. Bring them down as far as you can while keeping your back flat against the floor. Don't just let gravity work for you. Make sure you're in control. Then raise your legs back up to the ceiling.

-20 triceps pushups: Start in a high plank position with abs tight and shoulders, elbows and wrists stacked over each other. Keep your hands close together than a traditional pushup. As you lower yourself toward the ground, keep your arms and elbows in tight along your ribs so that your elbows point behind you, then raise to starting position.

-10 burpees: Begin in a standing position. Drop into a low squat position with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a pushup (high plank) position. Jump your feet in to return to the squat position. Jump up from the squat position.

 There are just a few days to go, but you can always find all "12 Days of Fitness" workouts on publicbody.com or on our facebook page!

Stay merry, hot and awesome!

Public Body