Is that sunshine? Why yes, it is!

Well, it's that time of year again. The days are longer, the sun is finally shining, we feel the warmth on or skin as we dream of running in slow motion down the beach like the opening credits of Baywatch. This can only mean one thing...Public Body is back for the spring and summer...and this year we have more to offer! More times, more locations, more trainers and a brand spanking new website!  (That means lower rates and no registration fees...BOOM!) Check out to see all of the details for this season including our new punch pass system that allows you to purchase and reserve classes.  So don't let this brief window of Boston gorgeousness pass you by while working out in the same ol' indoor lameness. (You can workout inside when it is 17 below zero!)  Get hot. Get awesome, and Get OUTSIDE for Public Body this season.


 Oh, check out our new trailer on our Public Body youtube channel!