The PUBLIC BODY Top Reasons for Getting Your Sexy A** Outside to Workout



We all know that there are several reasons to get hot and awesome outdoors, but here are a few bonuses that you may not have thought about.


-Being outdoors, especially active outdoors, enhances attention. So by working out outdoors, you will be able to focus on and attend better to other important aspects of your life, like work, family and being hot and awesome.


-Being outdoors is far more motivating than being indoors, and increases your likelihood of exercising again.  A 2011 survey found that exercising outdoors is a reinforcing behavior more likely to result in becoming a habit. Sadly, the same is true for watching reruns of The Real Housewives and the Kardashians, but only one of these behaviors leads to hotness and awesomeness.


-Fresh air is invigorating!  While a big ol’ mocha latte is yummy and provides a quick burst of energy, fresh air is free, there are no lines, and at Public Body we will not spell your name incorrectly on you cup.


-Sunshine may contribute to relief of pain and stress. A 2005 study revealed that hospital patients who were in the sunshine for a large portion of the day reported less pain, less stress and needed less medication. So let Public Body be your Zoloft!


-Finally, winters in Boston suck (especially this one!) Sunlight, scenery, fresh air and open space will always be better than being indoors during the summer. (Unless it interrupts your gym stalking schedule.) C’mon you all have a gym crush. Admit it! Luckily Public Body is chock full of eye candy for all to enjoy. 

Chad FlahiveComment