Sexy Summit! An Interview with Boston's Trendy Trainer and Fitness Writer Caroline Earle

Step one: take a ferry. Step two: workout. Step three: reward yourself with a cocktail. That's the plan for the highly anticipated and always exciting Sexy Summit happening on Spectacle Island August 28.

This all-day fitness retreat is the brain child of Public Body owner Chad Flahive. If you've never squatted, lunged or burpee-ed with him, you're missing out. Bursting with energy, positivity and humor this Boston-based instructor will get you through even the hardest of workouts — trust me, after taking one of his classes my abs were aching due to the crunches and laughter.

So if you've never been or need a little convincing, here's what Flahive had to say regarding my burning — or as Chad would say, juicy — Sexy Summit questions.

Caroline Earle: For those who have not attended, what is the Sexy Summit?

Chad Flahive: Sexy Summit is a day of awesome workouts on Spectacle Island.

If you've never been, the island has the most amazing views of Boston from the harbor. We leave on a ferry in the morning, and in 15 minutes we're there and start the workouts at 10 a.m.

There are two workouts scheduled simultaneously during most of the day, a Public Body workout with me or running programs with Dan Fitzgerald. He's the co-owner and head running coach for South End Athletic Company. And he ran his first Boston Marathon this year in 2 hours and 46 minutes, so he's pretty high on the superhuman fantastic scale.

The workouts all vary, from upper body, lower body, cardio, a run of the island, a hill workout. We even do an abs workout contest that was super fun last year. During the day there's also time for a bit of relaxing or the beach. We end the day with a stretch on the pier and a private dinner. Then, new this year, we're having a private deck party at Tia's with complimentary rose'. I know my audience. Everyone earns those drinks, and then some.

CE: Do you have to be an extreme exerciser or can weekend warrior participate too?

CF: Well the workouts aren't easy. Public Body workouts are almost always high intensity, metabolic circuits. However any good trainer can and should recognize limitations and provide adaptations for anyone who needs them while still giving them a kick ass, juicy, wet workout. We do that constantly for our Public Body rockstars.

We attract a pretty fit audience. I often look at the group and wonder, are these people all just naturally hot or did I create this orgy of fitness gorgeousness? I like to think that it is probably a bit of both.

At every event we always get Public Body virgins too. It's awesome to inspire someone to get started on their journey to Public Body hotness and awesomeness. I welcome them with open arms and an awkward, long hug. Then they're hooked!

I usually don't scare them away, unless they're from that crazy church in middle America, then they sneak away pretty quickly.

CE: But won't you get tired with all of those workouts?

CF: It's a full day, but no one has to do every single workout. That's why we offer choices. For those that do all of the workouts, we're mindful of what you're working during each session so that your whole body gets a workout. Last year a group got a volleyball game going and others took a beach break.

It's really everyone's day, we just provide the choices. We have a great time, and then we get to relax and enjoy the crew, the sights, some food, and a well-earned adult beverage when we get back. It's pretty chill way to end a packed day.

CE: As the founder of Public Body, what are you most looking forward to about the Sexy Summit?

CF: Well probably Beyonce'. Jay called me. I call him Jay because, you know, we're tight. He told me that she wants to come. I'm just sorting out the helicopter situation first. God I would love that, but it's not the case.

I'm excited to always see the Public Body community grow, and Sexy Summit always attracts new faces who stick around for the next season. Community is the foundation of Public Body. I love to provide fitness fans with experiences that they can do together to not only get fit but also to create relationships with other like-minded hotties, and at venues that are different from the typical offerings around town.

I mean Boston has a ton to offer, but winter was so suck-bag awful that the more we can do outside in this stunning city, then I'm going to create it!

Need more?  take a look at last year's event here.

It's going to be a fantastic day!  Register here!