Workout Wednesday: Snow Day Series!


Winter is certainly upon us. While you may daydream of a warm sweat sesh under the bright summer sun with Public Body rock stars, reality is….it’s winter! Have no fear! Public Body is here to give you the tools to stay hot and awesome during a cold or snowy day when you'd rather stay at home and workout in your onesie. You'll want to take that off though....Here is your first in a series of snowed day workouts!  

Perform each exercise for 1 minute for round one, then 45 seconds in round two, then 30 seconds in round three. Rest for 2 minutes, then reverse the order, and perform a 30 second round, a 45 second round and finally finish with a 1 minute round.  

1) High Knee Runs: ...Hustle! 

2) 4 Jumping Jacks-4 Star Jumps:  Perform 4 regular jumping jacks.  Then, to begin your 4 star jumps, keep your feet together and arms close to your body. Squat halfway down then explode up as high as possible extending your arms and legs away from your body like and "X.”  Alternate 4 reps of each for the duration.

3) Squats:  Stand with the feet shoulder width apart. Squat down by driving your hips back, bending the knees and shifting weight to your heels without letting your knees goes past your toes. Return to standing squeezing your glutes at the top of the motion. For more of a challenge, engage your core and jump in the air explosively from the bottom of your squat. On the landing, lower the body back into the squat position.

4) Pushups with alternating shoulder taps Start in a high pushup position, with shoulder stacked over elbows and elbows over wrists. Be sure your core is engaged so that you are in a solid plank position. Lower and lift to perform a pushup, but when you get to the top, touch your right hand to your left shoulder and hold for 3 seconds. Repeat the pushup, alternating the hand that touches the opposite shoulder. 

5) Alternating step ups:  (on a stable chair or bench) Start standing straight in front of a sturdy bench or stable chair. Place the right foot on the elevated surface. Step on the platform and as you press into your right heel to lift your body up, drive left knee toward your chest and (optional) hop off of your right foot.  Step down with the left leg then right leg. Repeat with the left leg stepping up for the next rep and alternating each time. 

6) Walking plank:  Start in a low plank position, with forearms and elbows on the ground, shoulders stacked over the elbows,  abs tight and your feet slightly wider than your hips. Starting with the right hand, transition to a high plank position by pushing the right hand into the ground and then the left hand. Return to a low plank position by lowering the right elbow to the ground and then the left. Repeat starting with the left arm and then alternate for the duration of the exercise.   

There's more where that came from, so check and our facebook page for more workouts, inspriation and fitness tips to keep you hot and awesome all winter long.