Valentine's Day Partner Sweat Sesh!


Hello lovers! Valentine’s Day is coming!  We’ve put together a hot and awesome workout for you, and all you need is your body…and someone else’s.   If you do not have a plus 1 in your life,  get on Tinder STAT, or just find another Public Body rockstar and get sweating together! In this sequence, perform each exercise for 45 seconds back to back. Note that exercise 3 and 4 are two exercises in one with a partner switch after 45 seconds. Repeat the sequence for 3 total rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds.

1) Partner Pushup with High Five: Face your partner and start in a high plank position about 3 feet apart. At the same time as your partner, initiate a pushup, dropping your chest to the ground while keeping core tight and legs straight. As you push back up and at the top of your pushup position, you'll each lift your right hand and high five. (Real romantic huh?) Repeat, alternating the hand that you reach.

2) Bodyweight Squat: Stand facing your partner, with feet slightly wider than hip width apart.  Grasp each other's forearms. Maintaining a secure grip, lower into a squat by bending your knees to send your hips back. Your weight will counterbalance each other. Remember to keep your core tight, and your knees over your ankles. Hold at the bottom and then slowly return to starting position. For more of a challenge, hold your squat for 10-15 seconds then repeat for several reps.

3) Plank Hold and Jumps: In this exercise, one partner starts in a forearm plank with shoulders directly over elbows, forearms parallel on the ground. Keep your core tight, and hips and legs in a straight line. The other partner should start standing next to their partner’s shins or ankles. Then, using both feet, jump over your partner’s shins or ankles. Land lightly on toes and jump back and forth as quickly as possible. Repeat for 45 seconds then switch roles.
To make this easier: Rather than jumping with two feet, hop over with the left foot and allow the right foot to follow. To go back the other way, take a hop with the right foot and allow the left foot to follow. 
To make it more challenging: The planking partner can stay in a high plank throughout the exercise, or alternate between a high plank and forearm plank. Push up from right forearm to right hand, then left forearm to left hand. Then lower onto right forearm, then left forearm. Repeat high to low, keeping core tight and alternating arms.

4) Squat Hold with High Knees: To start, one person will hold a squat by bending the knees to send the hips back. Keep the core tight and be sure that knees are over the ankles and NOT past the toes. Hold the squat and extend both arms out in front, parallel to the floor with palms facing down. The second partner will perform high knee runs, attempting to get each knee to the height of the partner's palms. Continue high knees and squat hold for 45 seconds, then switch positions.

 Stay hot and awesome!

Public Body