Get Hot and Awesome in Less Than 30 Minutes

Sometimes you have sh** to do and you may only have 30 precious minutes to devote to your hotness and awesomeness journey. We get it, so here is a 30 minute quickie to keep you glowing with fitness glory for hours after you've completed it* Perform each movement for 1 minute and immediately transition to the next movement. After you've completed all 8 movements, rest for 1 minute, and start again. Do this for 3 total rounds. Be sure to warm up prior and stretch after. 

1. Alternating Single Arm Burpees With Tuck Jump: Drop down into a plank but with only one arm. Be sure to keep your abs and butt tight and hips squared/even to create a solid plank. Kick both feet in, stand and then jump high into the air bringing your knees up (at least even with hips) for your tuck jump. Land on your feet, squat down, kick both feet back into a single arm plank again but with opposite arm on the ground. Continue the sequence, alternating hands each time. You can always do a regular, awesome burpee if this movement is to challenging.

2. Bicep Curls: Using your dumbbells or resistance bands, complete 1 minute of bicep curls. We like to vary the curl throughout the round, adding in reverse curls (wrists face down) to hit our forearms, or a 30 second pulse with arms at 90 degrees. Be creative and go get those yummy biceps. 

3. Squat Jumps: Keeping feet about shoulder distance apart, drop your hips back into a squat, but do not let your knees pass beyond your toes. Then explode into the air, jumping off the ground. Land softly back into a squat position. 

4. Sundial Pushups: Start in a solid plank position, with shoulders over elbows and elbows over wrists. Bring your chest toward the ground to perform a  pushup. Keeping your feet in the same spot, walk your hands 4 steps to the right and perform another pushup. Repeat for 30 seconds then reverse directions, walking your hands to the left to create semicircle pattern. 

5. Bent Rows: Stand on your resistance band with both feet about shoulder distance apart. Hip hinge forward, pull the shoulders back and activate/arch the lower back. From this position, hold onto your resistance band with wrists facing each other and pull your elbows back and up as if your forearms are shaving alongside your ribcage to complete your close row.  

6. Chest Openers With Jumping Lunges: Hold your arms straight out in front of you and grasp your resistance band with wrists down, sightly wider than shoulder distance apart. Step the right foot back into a lunge, then jump into the air switching legs so that you end with your left leg back. While in a low lunge, pull your resistance band apart keeping the arms as straight as possible and pull your shoulder blades together. Repeat, jumping in to an opposite leg lunge. This is a great exercise to open your chest and activate postural muscles. 

7. Bounds and Low Backwards Hops: Perform 2 long bounds/jumps forward. Be sure to land softly into a squat position. Staying low in your squat, hop backwards 4 times back to your starting position. Remember to stay low on the backward hops. 

8. Sprint! If you're indoors, this can be a high knee run in place, but if your outside, try a 50 yard sprint of a hill sprint! Challenge yourself! 

Rest for one minute then repeat for three total rounds!

Stay hot! Stay awesome! 


*Always consult a physician prior to starting any exercise regimen!