Top 5 reasons to Start Bodyweight Training Now!

Achieving maximum hotness and awesomeness doesn't have to be complicated. Body weight exercises are a rockstar choice for getting on the fast track to sexy town, and best of all, you can usually do them just about anywhere. Here are some reasons why we love body weight training at Public Body!

1. You'll look even hotter in selfies!

A majority of bodyweight exercises get results because they involve compound movements, which means that many muscles and joints are involved in the exercise. These types of exercises are extremely effective for strength gains, developing lean muscle and performance improvements versus isolating one muscle, like doing a bicep curl. In addition, body weight exercises almost always engage most of the muscles that make up your core, so those Tinder torso pics will look crazy hot!

2. It’s mad efficient yo!

There is tons of research on High Intensity Interval Training. This type of training using bodyweight-based exercises like plyometrics results in awesome gains in short durations. Since there's no equipment involved, bodyweight workouts make it easy to transition from one move to the next with little rest. In addition, combining cardio with strength training like burpees and plyometric lunges will keep the heart pumping while building muscle.

3. You can say “bye Felicia" to fat.

Just a few minutes of intense  bodyweight  work can have a kick-a** impact on metabolism, burning fat for hours after a short but intense workout. This is called the afterburn effect. You don’t get that from staring into a mirror doing bicep curls for 20 minutes.

4. You’ll never get bored.

Without lugging dumbbells, plates or equipment around, bodyweight exercises can easily and quickly be modified to challenge you and keep your workout fresh. You can add more reps, take shorter recovery, or add plyometrics or a power movements to almost any exercise.  Unlike traditional gyms, you won’t get stuck in your habits of bicep curls, bench press and lat pulls.  When you change it up, you avoid plateau!

5.      Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

With bodyweight training you eliminate the excuses: “I don’t have time to get to the gym” or “it’s inconvenient for my schedule.”  If you can’t come play with us at Public Body, you can do bodyweight exercises virtually anywhere! Contact us or check out our blog for the countless different formats you can use for bodyweight realness! Now got get hot and get awesome!