So, What is PUBLIC BODY?

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PUBLIC BODY was established in 2012 by group fitness pro Chad Flahive who loves fitness, good beer, sexy fitness communities and wearing short shorts. Since its inception, Public Body has become widely known as the premier outdoor group fitness community n Boston. 

At Public Body, we believe in:

  • Developing a strong, inclusive, thriving community of fitness fans.
  • Smart, creative, proven programming using a variety of fitness equipment beyond body weight training.
  • Giving back to the community with several charity workouts scheduled throughout the year.
  • Supporting and partnering with other local businesses.
  • Bringing unique fitness experiences to fabulous spaces in an around Boston by organizing “out of the box” fitness events.

OK, we know, PUBLIC BODY may not be for everyone. But if you want to get back at an ex with a tight tush, ripped abs or bulging biceps, we are for you. If you just want to eat an effing cheeseburger every once in a while, we’re for you. And if you want to have an unbelievable time becoming the hottest, healthiest version of you, and meet other fabulous humans while doing it, then YES, we’re for you!


They are considered the ying and yang of Public Body. One is sassy, irreverent and bold, the other calm, grounded and methodical. But they’re both committed to developing intelligent, creative, outdoor programming and cultivating an inclusive, thriving fitness community. For these guys, the community is just as important as the workout! Meet Chad and Ian by clicking on the "Meet The Trainers" tab.