Group Fitness and Bootcamp Reviews

Testimonials from Athletes & Fitness Fanatics in Boston


“If getting to the gym means you've already won half the battle, then arriving for Public Body gets you a Duck Boat Parade.  Why?  The community of champions that get together know how to work hard and have fun.  Chad drives us harder than Claude Julien, combines drills better than Brad Stevens, coaches more consistently than John Ferrell, and twerks better than Bill Belichick."  -Alex

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"I have been a member of Public Body since its inception. Each year after spending the winter in the gym I feel the anticipation of wanting to get back outside, work my butt off, get exhausted, laugh, see wonderful people and share a community of wonderful people who I genuinely like.  It means returning to Public Body where Chad never fails to provide us with tough workouts, motivation, laughs and love.  It makes my summer." -Robyn

"Public Body is a unique outdoor experience that brings fitness to a whole new level.  Combining hard work with hilarity, the workouts incorporate cardio, strength and high intensity interval training with an instructors that know their stuff, and create new workout routines for each session.  If you're looking to get fit and make some great new friends, Public Body is for you!"   -Reid


If you want to have your world rocked and your ass (and all of your body parts) kicked, then Public Body is the Boston outdoor fitness choice for you! Chad and his talented trainers make extreme fitness extremely fun. Public Body brings a great sense of personal accomplishment, fitness, and community to the city of Boston. If you want to have fun and see results then I recommend you check out Public Body ASAP! -Kim


"Public Body is a one of a kind workout experience. It takes place outdoors, but it's not really bootcamp and it's not really a transplanted gym class. It's a high form of social exercise and communication. Public Body's leader, Chad Flahive, is expert at bringing all sorts of folks together to move, sweat, and laugh." -Edmund

"The hardest and most fun workout you'll find in Boston. High intensity interval training incorporating both cardio and strength training with Chad's signature accelerators is like scorching a day's calories. Chad knows his stuff, has perfect choreography and form, and loves to play hard whilst working harder. PLUS it's always tapped off with a party after the sweat (because you have to refuel xo)" -Nicole

"Finally took a Public Body class last night.  Oy!  Why have I waited so long!  Just terrific!  Very challenging sets with a good mix of quick cardio and strength moves.  I really love being outside and Chad makes a good use of landmarks in the park to get a great workout.The crazy bonus is that Chad is quick-witted with a touch of silly.  Time flew by and I was smiling (grimacing?) the whole time.He clearly has a devoted gang of Public Body fans, which could be intimidating, but they were lovely and very welcoming.I can't say enough good things about Chad and the Public Body." -Carrie