A Sappy Post About This Awesome Community

A few years back, my buddy Andy and I had an idea to bring a fitness retreat to an unlikely location...Provincetown, MA. OK so Ptown is known for its dining, nightlife, art, shopping...and a famous pier. While a majority of the residents and visitors are insanely beautiful and in stellar shape, Ptown is not necessarily known as a mecca for fitness retreats. Well that is changing!   During that initial visit, Andy and I met with folks from several business like The Crown and Anchor, Mussel Beach and Ptown Bikes. We were immediately welcomed with open arms by some of the most wonderful business owners on Earth, yes Earth!  Within a few hours, we realized that we were on to something very special.  Fast forward 4 years, and Public Body Work Hard Play Hard Weekend has become one of our most popular events of the year. As I think about why this weekend is so magical, it is a 100% perfect combination of A) the most welcoming and charming town that I know and B) a community of  remarkable people who all share the same love for BOTH fitness and community. When you combine the vibe of Ptown with the vibe of Public Body rockstars, you get a perfect weekend!  

There are many fitness communities out there, and they are all truly wonderful. At Public Body we strive to give you something more than top notch fitness, but also great experiences and bonds that last outside of classes and likely for years to come. During WHPH weekend, I not only have the opportunity to see people challenging themselves physically, but I get to see new friendships begin and old friendships get even stronger. It is spectacular to see! I was looking through the feedback from this past weekend in Ptown and wanted to share some anonymous thoughts from some of the attendees.

Here is what some of the PB rockstars had to say :-)

"I love how this weekend brings together a group of people who all share a similar passion, but each bring something different to the group. The social aspect is unlike anything I have ever been a part of. From ,loving, funny and welcoming instructors to a hodge podge of people of all ages and backgrounds, everyone looking to have fun and get fit. PB is the best!"

"My mother always told me that life is an adventure to live, not a problem to solve. That is how I live my life. Public Body is a major part of that. PB is very special and this weekend is a highlight adventure of my year, every year!"

"This group of people is so inclusive and welcoming. I never mind showing up solo because you all make me feel like a part of the group!"

"Everyone was so welcoming which was great. I'm pretty shy and was worried that I'd be left out, but I wasn't. I really, really appreciate how everyone was so friendly and team-y."

"This weekend allowed me to expand my fitness euphoria with my Public Body family which I have grown to love and loathe ;-) over the past year. Motivation to work hard, smile during workouts, and give my all was intensified by Public Body's leadership and community values." 

 I am personally very thankful for these words, this exceptional community, and I look forward to welcoming more Public Body rockstars into it soon and often! Come taste the Public Body Kool Aid! You won't regret it.  

XO Chad

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