The Public Body Guide to Avoiding Hotness Sabotage at Holiday Parties

Holiday party season is here. While these are perfect occasions to flaunt the hotness and awesomeness that you've achieved all year, you will be tempted by many indulgent treats in both liquid and solid form. At Public Body, we want you to enjoy life and all of the fabulous things that come with life, including celebrating with friends. You work hard, so playing hard is moderation. However, there is very little "in moderation" during holiday season. You may be eating more often, so you'll need to be more mindful. Here are five simple tips to help you stay hot and awesome during party season.

-Stay hydrated (with water too!)  Sometimes we feel hungry but we’re actually lacking hydration, so a nice big glass of H2O is actually what we need to feel satisfied!  Oh, and for other preventative reasons, have a big ol' glass of water for every adult beverage you consume. You'll thank us in the morning. 

-Prior to attending a party, try a protein shake or bar so that you are already feeling full and satisfied and less likely to graze once you get there.

-Use smaller bowls, plates, and cups because we tend to serve ourselves 20 to 40% more food when using larger plates.

-At dinner parties, be sure chicken & meats are no larger than your palm & that pasta portions are no larger than your fists.  

-When at a cocktail party, take one small plate of snacks, get rid of the plate and then be done! Typically there are at least a few healthier options like vegetable crudites that you can focus on when choosing your snacks. 

Stay hot and awesome!  Love, Public Body


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