2017: A Hotness and Awesomeness Odyssey

Good Morning! (Ok it's actually afternoon, but it's the day after a big night of celebration, so some of you are probably just emerging back to life.) So grab a big glass of water and happy 2017! For the next few weeks, you will likely be bombarded with lots of information about diet, exercise and resolutions. At Public Body, we like to be efficient and effective so we've put together some simple and effective ways for you to increase your hotness and awesomeness in 2017. Pick one, two or do them all and you will be hopping on the fast track to 100% deliciousness in the new year. This is just a start, but over the next few weeks we'll be giving you more tidbits of Public Body love to keep you on track with your goals. 

1) Drink water the minute you wake up! Leave a big glass on your night table and drink a healthy dose of H2O every morning. Not only will you start the day with hydration, but it is a great way to set the tone for healthy habits throughout the day. 

2) Move your hot body every single day! This doesn't mean that you have to hit the gym or take a class every day, but plan your week to also include things that you love, like playing basketball or taking a drop-in dance class. If you know you're going to miss your leg day commit to take the stairs at work all day long. Just move every day. 

3) Eat slowly! Eating slowly, taking time to chew and being sure to breathe during meals reduces post-meal bloating. You work way too hard on your abs to hide them behind a bloated belly. Additionally, eating slowly increases your awareness of the the foods that you eat throughout the day, allowing you to think and adjust to make healthier choices.

4) Breathe!  Think about it. Do you take time during every single day to take at least five big, deep breaths? No matter where you are, you should do this every single day! It only takes minute. Close your office door, or have a seat on a park bench during a lunch break. Breathing is like 'the force" (timely Star Wars reference) for health, especially in our fast-paced, stressful world. So if you can right now stop and take five big, deep breaths. I'm serious. Stop reading, close your eyes and breathe. Thank you! Feel better? You just did something great to calm your nervous system, promote relaxation and enhance your overall health and performance. Good, now do this every single day. 

I'm looking forward to spreading the PB love around the city with special events this winter to keep you all fab. Stay tuned at  publicbody.com or on our Facebook page. We hope to see you on January 7th for our New Year New You Workout! Click here to sign up. It's zip, zero, zilch FREE!

Happy, Hot and Awesome 2016!

Chad and the Public Body family!