Staying Motivated, Hot and Awesome in 2017

So the New Year is here and you are 100% committed to set yourself up on the fast track to total hotness. You daydream of the summer, running in slow motion down the beach like the Baywatch opening sequence. With each curl, you hope and pray to bump into your ex to make them painfully jealous of your sexy new body. You exude joy knowing that your commitment to hotness and awesomeness is part of your life, your journey, your new year. But, you’re also only human and sometimes, just sometimes, you need a bit of inspiration to keep motivated! Have no fear, at Public Body we care about your journey to Sexy Town and we want to make sure that you have to tools to stay fabulously yummy. So I've put together some fitness motivation thoughts to keep you on track. Remember these thoughts, so that like that diamond necklace from Titanic, Public Body will be with you wherever you go...unless you throw it overboard, which to this day, still does not make any sense to me! 

It all starts with goal setting. Once your goals are set, you need the motivation to stay on your journey and to accomplish them. So, did you write them down? If not, do that now!  Life gets hectic very quickly and can cause us to medicate heavily. Let’s not let that shit show happen.  So before you hop into and Uber straight to crazy town, write down no more than 5 health and fitness related goals for the year and post them someplace visible, perhaps next  to your desk, by your bed, on your refrigerator. Do not post pictures of super models. Those goals can be unrealistic for many, especially if you do not have access to Photoshop for all of your photos.  These 5 goals will be a constant reminder of a commitment that you made to yourself.

Now that your goals are written, daily motivation starts the night before!  A consistent plan contributes to motivation and therefore, success. Plan your workouts the night before instead of watching reruns of Real Housewives and The Kardashians. Both of these can easily become habit, but only one of them contributes to total hotness. (hint…not watching The Kardashians). You do not have to plan out your entire workout, but dedicate a specific time that you will come to class or get in a workout. What are you going to work on? What are some movements you want to incorporate when planning your program? Just jot them down.

While you’re creating motivating habits, pack your gym bag the night before. When you travel to work via car, train or otherwise, keep it right next to you. In your office, keep it next to your desk so that during the day, it stares at you saying, “yeah, I cannot wait to be hot and sweaty with you after work!” These will become engrained habits, you’ll feel accomplished, and your motivation to continue on a regular basis.

So, you’ve established your goals, you’re making your plans, now you want to maximize your performance. How do you do that? Make connections!  We love our Public Body community, and love to see that everyone keeps each other on track throughout the year! This type of crew is one of the biggest bonuses that can contribute to motivation and success, not only to get your sexy ass to class, but also to perform at your maximum potential while you are there. Once you get to know each other, talk and book your spots with a friend. My performance is always my best when I have a motivating buddy with me. Make sure you smile as often as possible and enjoy your experience with a buddy. It’s the best form of motivation!

You’ll probably notice that during your health and fitness adventure, you’ll not only look better, but you will feel so much better and you will have incredible sex! I knew that would get your attention. ;-) Motivating for ya? It’s a fact that exercise releases endorphins that contribute to excitement, love and “other heightened experiences. ” Endorphins also resemble opiates in their abilities to produce a feeling of well-being. Who could possible need a better reason to work out?

OK, I know. This isn’t always easy. Even with top notch trainers, specially designed and intense workouts,  our lives get in the way, we get tired, and we sometimes don’t feel 100%. But remember,  at any given point in the day someone who is older than you, younger than you, more able than you, less able than you, smaller than you, bigger than you, more fit than you or less fit than you, is accomplishing their fitness goals. They are motivated and so are you! Go get it!!! On behalf of the entire Public Body crew, happy, hot and awesome 2018.  Mwah! Chad