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On the 2nd day of Christmas Public Body gave to me....a "12 Days of Fitness" workout!

It's the final two days of our "12 Days of Fitness" workout series. For this one you need your body and 30 minutes. Easy enough to get it in on a  busy day! 

On the 2nd day of Christmas....perform each of these tried and true movements for 1:00 each then rest for one minute and repeat for two more rounds!

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Public Body's "12 Days of Fitness" Final three days!

On the 3rd day of Christmas, we've designed a circuit with a few classic exercises wrapped into one sweaty package of fitness deliciousness! There are no "official" rest periods built in. You can take a rest when your body needs one. Just be sure to complete all of the reps. All you need is your body, a pullup bar and a timer. 

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